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OpenX Programmatic Direct: PMP

Drive Value Through Deeper Relationships

Optimizing Exclusive Inventory

Premium inventory performs best in a quality ad marketplace, and OpenX Private Marketplaces provides that environment.

New Revenue

Surface exclusive inventory and data to quality buyers to create premium deals and gain instant scale through Multi-Publisher Deals.

Deeper Relationships

Leverage OpenX to expand buyer relationships and discover new opportunities, so buyers desire and request your inventory more often.

Ultimate Control

Configure deals exactly to your needs, with full control over pricing, deal priority and best-in-class ad quality filters.

Superior Service

Personal and accessible PMP specialists to consult on package strategy, creation and optimization for high-volume, high-CPM deals.

Ad Exchange

OpenX Private Marketplaces

OpenX delivers new revenue streams, instantly scaled through Multi-Publisher Deals, with full control, to ensure inventory is packaged to capture its highest possible value.

Thought Leadership

Best-in-class content answering the biggest questions in the programmatic advertising industry, including a collection of infographics, guides, research, white papers and more.

Driving Superior Monetisation

Quality. Experience. Scale. Technology.

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