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Navigating the Changing Digital Ad Landscape

Advertising is in a state of flux, and that unpredictability is pushing the industry to make big, bold moves. Today, marketers are more willing to experiment with unique ways to tell stories that engage consumers. To help brands, agencies and publishers take advantage of the possibilities ahead, OpenX is sharing several strategies collected in a new report, “Exploring the Next Frontier of Digital Advertising,” which is based on a Harris Poll survey of 500 U.S.-based marketers. Our report identifies key trends, places them in the context of shifting shopping behaviors and offers a set of competitive best practices for a more successful 2022.

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Shaping the Future of First-Party Data

Nearly all marketers agree that using first-party data is at least equally as effective as other forms of advertising, with one-third stating it is significantly more effective. This year, we expect to see marketers dedicate a portion of their experimental budgets to tools that utilize first-party data.


of marketers consider technology partners critical to their ability to successfully advertise and experiment with first-party data.

It’s critical we enable our advertisers to get their first-party data house in order, which unlocks the ability to target people in a meaningful way that’s still privacy compliant. I think that’s where the industry is going.”

Erica Schmidt
Global CEO of Matterkind

Consider This

Google delayed the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome, but marketers should focus on developing a strong first-party data strategy now. This requires a multipronged approach: Establish clear goals, make it easy for customers to see the benefits, acknowledge privacy concerns, and have patience with ROI during a test-and-learn process that will, in the end, deliver impactful results.

Growth Through Experimentation

55% of marketers tried multiple new mediums for the first time in 2021, and more than half of those considered all of their tests successful. Marketers who tried new mediums said they hoped to expand even more in 2022.


of marketers are willing to experiment with technology.

4 in 5

say new tech has a positive impact on business success.

We have the ability to use machine learning to dynamically assemble content into something relevant. Every impression is an opportunity to make an impression — and to make a good one.”

Lou Paskalis
President and COO of MMA Global

Consider This

As platforms multiply and data grows more voluminous, marketers should rely more on their tech partners to help them strategize, analyze and filter out the noise. Engaging a partner like OpenX allows advertisers to target eyeballs in mediums like the CTV marketplace, which emphasizes testing and iterating on performance-based campaigns.

Why Marketers Are Spending More on Experimentation in 2022:

Creating Personalized, Highly Relevant Ad Campaigns

Consumers today want and expect advertising that feels accurate and tailored to their interests. A good content strategy establishes a brand as a thought leader, proves the brand understands its audience, and sends out authentic, well-rounded messages.


of marketers believe that technology has a direct impact on consumers’ expectations, and they will spend more on relevant messages that are customized to users.

As a marketer, you have to spend media dollars, and you have to tell a great story that says something no one else is saying. The breakthrough stories are connected to the heart, the future, or something emotional that we need to dig deep to find.

Valerie Carlson
Global Chief Creative Officer at Critical Mass

Consider This

Given the growing impatience with irrelevant ads, marketers should focus on ensuring that their content is extremely relevant. One way to achieve this is to launch multiple small campaigns, rather than a single large one that targets the broadest reach possible.

To learn more about how brands are rewriting their marketing playbooks to reflect our new reality, download the complete report, “Exploring the Next Frontier of Digital Advertising.”