Real change in the AdTech industry is necessary. OpenX is leading the way.

OpenX is the first and only ad exchange to achieve CarbonNeutral® certification.

That’s just the first step. We know that digital advertising is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. In addition to this certification, we’ve signed the SBTi pledge, putting us publicly on the spot to reduce carbon emissions by more than 90%.


Carbon Neutral Status

OpenX is the first ad exchange to achieve CarbonNeutral® company certification from Natural Capital Partners, global-leading specialists in carbon market solutions for climate action. There are less than an estimated 1,000 companies in the world with formal carbon neutral certifications. Learn More


Pledge to Net-Zero

OpenX has signed the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) pledge, which requires reducing our carbon emissions more than 90 percent and using offsets that remove carbon from the atmosphere rather than neutralizing it. We have met the key criteria for “Net-Zero” status and expect to become one of the first companies in the world to be certified as net-zero.


Sustainable Products

OpenX will continue to innovate as we pioneer a path to carbon measurement and sustainable advertising products. We can help our customers better understand their own impact within — and beyond — our exchange, and we offer products to help them meet their sustainability goals. Doing good can also be good for business.

We're building a future for the environment and digital media. Find your path to net-zero with OpenX.