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OpenX Programmatic Direct: RTG

Guaranteed Programmatic Audience Buying

Audience Selection in Real-Time

The power of direct buys executed programmatically, targeted to exact audiences.

Premium Targeted Inventory

Purchase reserved, targeted inventory through programmatic pipes. For the first time, negotiate a CPM based on exact audience and placement, based on upfront forecasting at high priorities.

Workflow Efficiency

From demand-led discovery, to negotiation to execution, leverage the smart tech you already use.

Real-Time Choice

Improve campaign performance with more data and select the most pertinent users; DSPs and buyers can optimise for real-time changes in consumer behaviour.

Guaranteed Buying Model

Flexible models allow for spend commitments while still empowering impression-level choice.

Ad Exchange

OpenX Real-Time Guaranteed

Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) is the industry’s first solution to enable direct, guaranteed deals executed with programmatic technology with audience syncing and forecasting. It combines the business terms of direct-sold deals with the benefits of real-time bidding technology, giving publishers access to guaranteed demand, and advertisers priority access to premium inventory through a programmatic channel. In addition to increased access, superior forecasting and audience syncing produce a targeted volume guarantee that provides certainty of delivery and spend for each deal.

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