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Driving Superior Monetisation

The highest quality programmatic ad marketplace, purposefully built for supply partners

The OpenX Ad Exchange provides publishers and app developers complete control over their entire advertising platform with superior customer support and dedicated Yield Analysts.

Unparalleled Experience

OpenX pioneered the Real Time Bidding Advertiser Marketplace and currently provide 1,200+ publishers and 900+ premium mobile publishers access to the budgets from 34K+ advertisers and 400+ Buyers. The OpenX Ad Exchange generates 60B+ bids per day across 190 countries.

Powerful Monetisation

OpenX powers the largest independent ad exchange, which drives superior revenue for our supply partners entire inventory portfolios. The OpenX Ad Exchange comes equipped with built in demand from 100% of the top 100 AdAge Advertisers, accessing all screens and ad formats.

Progressive Technology

OpenX introduced heading bidding and continues to develop ad technology that drives the industry forward. We offer a full suite of cutting-edge solutions with customer support, designed to increase revenue across all screens and formats.

Superior Service

OpenX provides partners with boutique level service, including dedicated Account Management teams, access to Yield Specialists to optimise setup and maximise revenue, technical advisors to help with integrations and a support Community with over 1,500+ users and detailed product documentation.

Ad Exchange

Highest Quality Standards

The OpenX Ad Exchange is certified “Against Piracy” under TAG’s Program Inventory Quality Guidelines. OpenX is a key contributor to the recently introduced “Certified Against Malware” program and is one of a select group of companies to complete the thorough review process to meet TAG’s rigorous anti-fraud standards:

  • Certified Against Fraud
  • Certified Against Piracy
  • Inventory Quality Guidelines
  • TAG Registered

The OpenX Ad Exchange consistently ranks high on the Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index across all three categories: US, International and Mobile App.

Ad Exchanges Are (not) All The Same White Paper

Programmatic ad exchanges have become an increasingly powerful revenue generator for online publishers and advertisers, and their role in online advertising continues to grow. Trillions of transactions now take place in programmatic exchanges each year, with ad revenues exceeding $14 billion in 2015 and expected to reach $36 billion by 2019.

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The Highest Yielding Header Bidding Solution

By connecting to the most powerful programmatic marketplace in the world – the OpenX Ad Exchange – publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands for their impressions.

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Driving Superior Monetisation

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