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OpenX Mobile

A Multi-Format, Mobile Ad Exchange, Ranked #1 in Quality

Driving Superior Monetisation for App Developers

OpenX provides 900+ premium app publishers with access to the global marketing budgets of the world’s leading advertisers. Enabling various ad formats, selling models and integration methods that meet their needs.

Formats that Fit

Leverage banner ads, rich media, interstitial or video formats that work with your app’s user experience.

Maximum Mobile Yield

Maximise inventory value via open auctions or in private marketplaces, and provide buyers with “first look” using OpenX Bidder for Apps, in the exchange ranked 1st for traffic quality.

Premium Mobile Demand

A global ad exchange that is integrated with 135+ mobile first and cross-screen demand partners, who work with the world’s largest advertisers and media buyers spanning 190 countries.

Optimized for Mobile

Lightweight solutions that work with existing primary SDKs and are optimized for mobile environments.

Ad Exchange


Leverage this direct-integration for improved speed, data enrichment and premium ad formats without impacting the stability of the app environment.

Ad Exchange


Quickly integrate the power of the OpenX Ad Exchange with our mobile optimized JavaScript, VAST and VPAID tags that are easy to integrate and require no developer resources.

Ad Exchange


For publishers looking to scale across multiples apps or ones with large traffic, integrate directly with OpenX APIs. Enables full customization and mediation of 3rd party solutions.

Driving Superior Monetisation

Quality. Experience. Scale. Technology.

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