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The Highest Yielding Header Bidding Solution

Empowering Publishers

OpenX Bidder was first to introduce header bidding to publishers and remains the highest performing solution available.

Increased Competition and Participation

Experience strong competition from secure, high quality demand partners, including 100% of the AdAge top 100 advertisers.

Dynamic Bids

Fully optimise the value of every impression prior to any ad server decisioning.

Superior Technology

Eliminate passbacks that create discrepancies and drive down revenue.

Programmatic Direct Opportunities

Combine the premium value of Private Marketplaces and Real-Time Guaranteed with the technology of header bidding for optimal deal performance.

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OpenX Bidder

By connecting to the most powerful programmatic marketplace in the world – the OpenX Ad Exchange – publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands for their impressions. The results are dynamic bids and smarter decisioning that help publishers and app developers optimise the value of every impression.

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Digiday & OpenX WTF Header Bidding Quick Read

Header bidding: what was once a simple hack to help publishers monetise, has evolved into a full-fledged industry practice that’s leveling the playing field between publisher and advertiser. Download this guide to learn how header bidding works, how it’s transforming RTB and what the future holds.

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Everything You Need to Know About Header Bidding

Header Bidding continues to take our industry by storm. When this infographic was first created in 2015 there was a lot of confusion about what header bidding is, how it works, and why the industry should be paying attention. Since then header bidding has evolved but sometimes everyone can benefit from brushing up on the fundamentals.

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