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OpenX Programmatic Direct: PMP

Priority Access at Scale

Achieving Campaign Goals

Reach audiences through priority access to exclusive inventory at scale, with customised buying models to meet campaign criteria.

First-Look, Viewability and Custom Deals

The inventory you can’t access elsewhere: high-viewability packages, top comScore publishers and other deals designed to meet specific campaign needs with greater visibility across publisher inventory.

Quality Audiences at Scale

One source for trusted supply with global audience reach, 1,000+ discoverable packages and instant deal scale through Multi-Publisher Deals.

Priority Access

Custom packages give you the best chance to win at certain price points. Header bidding relationships provide the ability to compete for typically direct-sold impressions, reaching unique users otherwise unreachable through the open exchange.

Advanced Tools

OpenX Programmatic Direct is constantly evolving to help our demand partners buy more efficiently through enhanced user data, viewability metrics and more signals in the bid request.

Ad Exchange

OpenX Private Marketplaces

OpenX Private Marketplaces offer a better path to reaching your audience. Discover exclusive inventory first, access thousands of premium packages, and create deals tailored to your campaign goals.

News & Documentation

Recent news on OpenX and product documentation, including product information, how-to, setup and more.

OpenX Blog

Our blog aims to simplify the complexity of our industry and offer insights into the latest trends and innovations.

Thought Leadership

Best-in-class content answering the biggest questions in the programmatic advertising industry, including a collection of infographics, guides, research, white papers and more.

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