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OpenX Programmatic Direct: RTG

New Premium Selling Model

Programmatic Deals with Revenue Certainty

Real-Time Guaranteed combines the benefits of direct buys, executed programmatically – with audience syncing and volume guarantees.

Revenue Certainty

Volume commitment from the buyer based on negotiated rates and an audience forecast and sync.

Expanded Buyer Relationships

Detailed insight into buyer campaign needs and data uncovers more potential demand sources.

Workflow Efficiency

Simplified selling through ad tech that you already use, with end-to-end workflow.

Capture True Value

Meet buyers’ needs every time, yielding premium CPMs for valuable audiences.

Ad Exchange

OpenX Real-Time Guaranteed

Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) enables direct, guaranteed deals to be executed programmatically. It’s the first solution that combines an audience forecast and sync with a volume guarantee, giving you revenue certainty. Expand your relationships with major brands while capturing a new revenue stream.

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