October 20, 2016

OpenX Joins MediaMath and CyberAgent on Header Bidding Panel at ATS Tokyo

TOKYO – OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetization, today announces its participation at ATS Tokyo on October 20 2016, on a panel titled The Data Driven Value of Header Bidding for Publishers…and Advertisers.

One of the most innovative and disruptive technologies in advertising technology, header bidding is gaining wider adoption in the Japanese market. In the United States, over 70 percent of publishers actively use header bidding as a core part of their monetization strategy. As a pioneer of the technology, and one of the leading providers of header bidding in the U.S., OpenX will highlight the success publishers and advertisers have experienced as they integrate the technology into their monetization and campaign strategies. OpenX Bidder, on average, delivers 300 percent more revenue than any other header bidding solution, and publishers using OpenX Bidder have experienced revenue lifts of 30 percent – 50 percent.

Nick Kovac, Managing Director, Japan at OpenX commented: “Header bidding is set to become a staple component of the programmatic toolkit across APAC, following its success in the US and EMEA regions. The technology plays a vital role in enabling publishers to monetize their content, while enhancing ad planning strategy for buyers. The panel will provide an informative look at header bidding as it gains traction within the Japanese marketplace, delving into why the tool is key for programmatic success.”

The Data Driven Value of Header Bidding for Publishers…and Advertisers will explore real data that demonstrates the quantitative benefits of header bidding for buyers. Discussions will also take place during the session around different strategies for publisher monetization so the industry can better leverage header bidding technology. (https://www.openx.com/client-list/openx-mediamath-header-bidding-case-study/)

Speakers include:

  • Ryuichi Ayase, Product Manager, CyberAgent
  • Noriyuki Imai, Director, Publisher Development, Lightbox, MediaMath
  • Keisuke Meguro, Business Development Manager, OpenX

ATS Tokyo is one of the largest programmatic advertising forums in Japan. A full-day event focusing on the progression of trends in the programmatic advertising world in APAC and beyond, ATS will be attended by hundreds of industry professionals. This year’s agenda will highlight the technology and data solutions that underpin the programmatic buying and selling of media.

For more information on OpenX Bidder or header bidding please visit: openx.com/headerbidding.

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