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Activate turnkey cookieless deals without disrupting workflows

Discover and test countless prebuilt deal IDs to effectively reach audiences across a range of tactics – without reliance on third-party cookies or additional contracts. This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to roll out more deals every few weeks.

Future-proof your programmatic strategy and investment across a full range of cookieless tactics:
Alternative Identifier Deals
  • Built on probabilistic and authenticated attributes extracted from publisher data
Attention Deals
  • Extracted from high attention-grabbing inventory
Contextual Deals
  • Packaged according to intent, environment, sentiment, and content signals
ID-Free Audience Deals 
  • Bundled from behavioral predictors such as combinations of site attributes, time of day, and geography, all powered by AI 
CTV Deals
  • Grouped by powerful TV behavioral segments, derived from 30M+ CTV devices through automated content recognition (ACR) technology
Privacy Sandbox Topics Deals
  • Collected through cross-site interest targeting based on 450+ topics without the use of personal identifiers
Publisher First-Party Data Deals
  • Aggregated audience consumption insights sourced from premium publisher partners

Restrictions on targeting may apply; all advertisers and advertisements must comply with our Demand Policy.

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