November 13, 2019

LiveRamp Taps OpenX as Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) Exchange Partner

Integration will help publishers prepare for a cookieless ecosystem

Los Angeles — November 13, 2019 — OpenX today announced the integration with LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP) and its IdentityLink and Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) into OpenAudience, the company’s people-based marketing solution for the open web. The move deepens a global partnership between the two industry leaders in identity resolution and people-based marketing. 

Today’s announcement showcases OpenX and LiveRamp’s partnership to bundle the identity capabilities of IdentityLink and ATS with a publisher-focused tech platform. ATS allows publishers to match user authentication data, such as an email address, with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink graph, which is not reliant on third-party cookies. By matching on deterministic data, publishers are able to expand the addressability of their inventory in cookieless environments. 

The partnership with ATS builds on an existing relationship between LiveRamp and OpenX. LiveRamp is one of the multiple partners helping power the OpenAudience match table, the core data asset of the platform that enables marketers to reach more than 240 million Monthly Active Users in the US, and OpenX has also developed integrations with LiveRamp’s IdentityLink to include IdentityLink directly into the bidstream and enable both DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) and private marketplace deals to leverage people-based identity.

“The future of marketing on the open web is grounded in consumer identity and permission. It is also ‘cookieless’ and our industry must innovate now to eliminate the reliance on antiquated technology,” said Todd Parsons, chief product officer at OpenX. “LiveRamp’s IdentityLink has tremendous adoption and scale by marketers. By combining the identity resolution capabilities of ATS and IdentityLink with OpenAudience, we are delivering a powerful one-stop solution to publishers that future-proofs revenue from a cookieless world, immediately increases yield from an expanded knowledge of audiences, and in turn, drives a marketer’s return on ad spend. This is a game-changer for publishers and will go a long way to protect their businesses – and their revenue – from shifting market forces.”  

“OpenX and LiveRamp share the view that when it comes to digital advertising, people-based marketing is the future. As part of our shared commitment to ensuring the viability and long-term growth of the market, we are preparing publishers and advertisers today for the eventual future that moves beyond cookies,” said Anneka Gupta, president and head of product and platforms, LiveRamp. “The combination of OpenAudience with ATS and IdentityLink will serve publishers to further future-proof their businesses for years to come.”

The ATS integration with OpenX will connect user authentications with the corresponding LiveRamp IdentityLink, to the OpenAudience publisher ID, giving publishers both a cookieless identity solution and an immediate opportunity to leverage their data to increase yield and monetization. All publishers that integrate with OpenAudience have the option to quickly gain the ability to access ATS without having to undergo separate integrations. 

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