Data Activation

Letting publishers and buyers use first and third-party data to enable more effective audience targeting.

For Publishers

You have done the hard work of getting people to your site, but it’s not always easy to segment users for advertisers. OpenAudience™ is our tool to help you utilize your 1P data, leverage 3P data, and package up audiences for marketers that will drive ad revenue.

Match Audience

Enable audience targeting

Let your data work for you in the background. We can match your audience against our graph to put users in audience segments that we're making available to marketers.

Exchange Packages

Sell audiences yourself

We can help you understand what audience segments are on your site and give you packages that your in-house team can take directly to marketers.

For Buyers

Use your 1P data to reach and engage your audiences at scale and across premium open web publishers.



Integrate your first-party data, or any pre-built audience segments, and seamlessly match to our identity graph of more than 200 million unique people.



Make your data more useful with more than 3,000+ sortable fields, including consumer habits, lifestyle, spend, and more. Refine your data and get more granular, or expand your audience and create look-alikes.

Data Activation


Data and audience segments are useful only if you can run campaigns against them. We’ll give you a simple Deal ID that you can use with the DSP of your choice to reach your audiences across our premium supply.

Learn more about how you can use OpenAudience™ to build an audience.

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OpenX Sell-Side Identity Graph

The OpenX identity graph helps you identify, reach, and engage your perfect audience.

We’ve integrated prime, quality data from leading third-party identity and audience data partners that gives our graph access to:


Hashed Emails


Hashed Phone Numbers


US Users Instrumented for Data and Identity


CTV Users Instrumented for Data and Identity


Requests per User per Month


3P Data Attributes Available for Targeting