Partnering with us means access to premium omnichannel inventory, great tools for PMPs, and the ability to activate your 1P data.

An exchange built around data and identity...

Connect with your customers across more than 130,000 active premium publisher domains, across mobile, desktop and CTV. Plus, we have the highest quality standards in the industry.


...and Powered by OpenAudience™.

Our proprietary identity resolution tool, OpenAudience, uses state-of-the-art data and identity technology to allow marketers to reach their target audiences and segments — connecting you to your desired consumers in more ways than you have ever imagined possible.


Put your 1P data to work

We can activate the first-party data you’ve collected and cross-reference it with our wealth of third-party data to create deeper, more personalized audiences. And that means better ROI for your programmatic investment.

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Seamlessly Connect

Seamlessly connect with your ideal consumer

With OpenX, we make it easy to reach your target audiences across the open web. Buy however you want, and we’ll give you a Deal ID to run on your DSP of choice.

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We work with you and the DSP you already use.

Easy, fast and with no extra work for you.

Demand More From Your Media.