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Our Partnership with LiveRamp


OpenX and LiveRamp are partnering together to bring a unified view of identity and audience context to the market to create a People-Based Marketing platform built for publishers. By combining the identity resolution capabilities of LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and IdentityLink with OpenAudience, marketers gain an expanded knowledge of audiences and improved ROAS.

LiveRamp is an identity resolution platform connecting people, devices, and data across the physical and digital worlds. With ATS, LiveRamp and its partners are creating a new, independent people-based infrastructure that unifies brand experiences with consumers across the programmatic ecosystem and doesn’t rely on third-party cookies. By tying marketing data to real people across first-, second-, and third-party data silos, LiveRamp delivers improved performance and transparent measurement while upholding consumer choice, all in a privacy-first way.

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“OpenX is democratizing identity across all publishers on the open web, helping marketers to plan and buy audiences the way they do inside walled gardens. We are thrilled to be a key component of OpenAudience.”

– Travis Clinger, VP of Strategic Initiatives, LiveRamp

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