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Taking Control: Maximizing Revenue with the Power of Prebid.js


KG Media was using a proprietary container to manage their header bidding partners, but over time revenue performance was not meeting their expectations.

After moving to Prebid.js, KG Media grew their revenue while increasing transparency and lessening their reliance on just one technology partner for monetization.

OpenX helped KG Media optimize and grow revenue across their stack, resulting in +49% programmatic revenue.

KG Media Grows Programmatic Revenue With Prebid.JS

Leveraging the technical expertise of the OpenX team, KG Media — the media group of Kompas Gramedia and the largest digital network in Indonesia with over 2 billion page-views — decided to test and implement Prebid.js to optimize their programmatic revenue. OpenX helped KG Media seamlessly transition from their proprietary container solution to OB + Prebid.js, ensuring their integration was set up to deliver optimal results.

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