April 6, 2016

Announcing OpenX Community, The First Public Resource Dedicated To Empowering Publishers

Education, guidance and support for all publishers worldwide

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – April 6, 2016 – OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetization for publishers, today announced the launch of OpenX Community, a resource that provides 24/7 access to knowledge-base articles and discussion forums designed to empower publishers.

Publishers worldwide can enjoy unrestricted access to the majority of content on the site and information generated in community forums. OpenX publisher partners are also able to directly interact with peers, OpenX account management, product, or use robust case management tools to access account-specific technical support or manage billing and payment questions.

OpenX Chief Customer Officer Tish Whitcraft said, “The OpenX partner experience is predicated on maximizing our publishers’ revenue through a combination of strategic account management and leveraging all OpenX tools and resources. With OpenX Community, all publishers, for the first time, have 24/7 access to the most comprehensive compilation of educational and practical tools to support their digital strategies and to exchange best practices and advice from a community of experts and peers.  From our standpoint, this is as much about education, guidance, and support for all people in ad tech as much as it is for our own publisher partners.”

“The recently launched partner community from OpenX allows us greater access to real time support and troubleshooting apart from regular support ticket platforms. Someone — from power users, to the large number of OpenX topic experts combing through comments — is always leaving feedback, or offering links to resources or guides, or providing solutions on the spot,” said Ryan Sheirich, ad ops traffic coordinator at Yellow Pages. “What I appreciate the most is the Ideas section, which allows users to directly submit ideas to improve the platform, functionality or anything else that might come to mind. It shows that the people at OpenX care about producing ever-better products and are open to hearing all ideas from their users.”

OpenX possesses the largest in-depth knowledge base of publisher needs and trends worldwide, due to its more than 1000 premium publisher relationships managed by dedicated account managers.

OpenX Community will expand to include additional features, increasing what can be achieved in conversations between OpenX and clients, competitive experiences through gamification, and tools to encourage engagement and collaboration, building a robust sense of community and contributing to a growing store of shared programmatic knowledge.

To access the OpenX Community page visit, community.openx.com.

About OpenX
OpenX is focused on unleashing the full economic potential of digital media companies. We do this by making digital advertising markets and technologies that are designed to deliver optimal value to publishers and advertisers on every ad served across all screens.

At OpenX we have built a team that is uniquely experienced in designing and operating high-scale programmatic ad marketplaces. We are constantly looking for thoughtful, creative executors who are as fascinated as we are about finding new ways to apply a blend of market design, technical innovation, operational excellence, and empathetic partner service to the frontiers of digital advertising.

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