November 23, 2015

OpenX Named First Certified Partner for PubNation’s Newly Launched Ad Quality Platform for Publishers

Crowdsourced approach streamlines process to identify and remove bad advertisements

LOS ANGELES and WASHINGTON and NEW YORK – November 23, 2015 – OpenX, the recognized leader in quality for programmatic advertising, today announced that it is the first certified technology partner for PubNation’s newly launch Ad Quality Platform. PubNation, an ad quality management platform, launched the certified partners program as part of a global initiative aimed at helping the programmatic advertising industry combat “bad ads,” that degrade consumers’ online experience.

“We’ve been particularly impressed with OpenX’s team, technology, and overall investment in ad quality,” said Jordan Woods, Marketing Manager at PubNation. “It made a lot of sense to make them our first certified partner. Our experience working with OpenX has proven that we’ve created a product and a process that will be scalable and effective for other partners down the line. We look forward to expanding our partnership with them in the future.”

Low-quality ads, such as those that automatically play audio or that redirect the user to an app-store page, create a sub-par experience and can potentially slow down a publisher’s site, or even pose security risks.

Publishers who use PubNation’s proprietary technology can access crowd-sourced analytics about ads that harm the user experience and immediately address each concern. With PubNation’s platform, publishers work closely with PubNation-certified advertising technology suppliers, like OpenX, to identify, report and eliminate bad ads.

Critically, an instant report captures the ad call for each incident, identifies the source, and automatically delivers a detailed ad complaint to the responsible party, versus the publisher undertaking this action. This streamlined process arms publishers with the necessary information to remove the offending ad within minutes, much faster than the current industry standard.

“Delivering a seamless and relevant consumer experience is increasingly important to the monetization strategy and sustainability of publishers. Knowing that disruptive ads were on our site but having no way to track and remove them was extremely frustrating. PubNation was built to fix this problem,” Woods said.

“We believe strongly in the PubNation platform and expect to further reduce the overall resolution time for incidents of bad ads. Quality is a foundational principle for us – providing the highest quality inventory to buyers and the highest quality ads to publishers. By enhancing our 24/7 global ad quality support and proprietary scanning and screening system with this additional layer of protection offered by PubNation, we believe we have the best ad quality solution in the market,” stated John Murphy, Vice President of Marketplace Quality at OpenX.

Publishers and ad partners can learn more about PubNation by visiting

About PubNation

PubNation is an ad quality management platform that unites publishers, advertisers, and users in the fight against bad ads. PubNation’s unique technology provides crowd-sourced analytics about ads that harm the user experience with precise insight into the source of the problem. The result is that publishers and their ad partners are empowered to quickly take action to resolve problems and improve the user experience. @joinpubnation

About OpenX

OpenX exists to help publishers grow their businesses by monetizing great content. We do this by creating highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising marketplaces that deliver optimal value to all buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

Today, OpenX operates one of the largest, most efficient and highest quality programmatic markets in the world. Our single stack system also encompasses a complete supply side platform powered by the unique OpenX Demand Fusion technology that merges network and Real-Time Bidding, and a comprehensive ad server.

At OpenX we have built a team that is uniquely experienced in designing and operating high-scale programmatic ad marketplaces. We are constantly looking for thoughtful, creative executors who are as fascinated as we are about finding new ways to apply a blend of market design, technical innovation, operational excellence, and empathetic partner service to the frontiers of digital advertising. @openx