March 23, 2015

OpenX Launches Next Generation Traffic Quality Monitoring Platform

Industry Recognized Leader Sets New Standard for Marketplace Quality and Fraud Prevention

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – 23 March 2015 – OpenX, a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology, today announced the next generation of its proprietary Traffic Quality Platform, a significant advance in its ongoing campaign to eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising. For the first time in the industry, OpenX’s new system enables an exchange to have the earliest possible look at publisher inventory and extends fraud detection techniques to the browser.

The new features, uniquely leveraging OpenX’s direct tag integrations with publishers, build upon OpenX’s existing platform, which detects and blocks suspicious activity mainly through big-data analysis involving the gathering and evaluation of vast amounts of transaction data. The end result is a fully integrated platform that addresses all major risk factors for advertisers through a combination of rigorous human review and sophisticated automated systems.

Widely recognized for the quality of its inventory, the OpenX Ad Exchange was recently recognized as number one in inventory quality in Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index for the third consecutive month. In addition to receiving the number one ranking in inventory quality, OpenX tied for the top overall score. The Global Seller Trust Index is the industry’s first comprehensive Real-Time Bidding (RTB) quality rating standard.

“The fact that our ad code sits directly on the publisher page gives us an earlier look into publisher inventory than any existing buyer pre-bid solutions we’re aware of. Our 3rd generation system makes the most of this privileged position to allow us to detect types of fraud that can’t always be picked up through big-data approaches,” said John Murphy, vice president, Marketplace Quality, OpenX. “With our latest series of innovations, our Traffic Quality Platform is now able to accurately identify and eliminate a bad actor in milliseconds before it can actually access the exchange. This is a sea change that our early look at publishers’ pages makes possible.”

“It takes vigilance, discipline and resources to stay one step ahead of a highly motivated and adaptable adversary with regard to fraud,” said Qasim Saifee, senior vice president, Monetization Platform, OpenX. “We’re constantly engaged with our customers to ensure we address their top priorities. High quality inventory is consistently at the top of their list. With this system, advertisers and their representatives can continue to buy through the OpenX Exchange with confidence.”

Traffic quality, which serves as an umbrella term for a host of related topics such as fraud, bots, URL masking and viewability, is a focal point for buyers and sellers in 2015. A lack of confidence in quality and security of ad exchanges can have significant revenue implications. Tellingly, a recent White Ops and ANA study found ads bought through programmatic channels were 55% more likely to be served to bots than display ads purchased through other channels. It is estimated that advertisers could lose more than six billion dollars globally to ad fraud in 2015. OpenX’s latest traffic quality innovations further enable the company to address these concerns by providing a cleaner, more secure and transparent marketplace.

“Rocket Fuel takes marketplace quality extremely seriously,” said David Skinner, vice president Global Partnerships, Rocket Fuel Inc. “OpenX is a valued partner that maintains a high quality marketplace. OpenX innovates and works to prevent, in real-time, bad actors from compromising marketplace integrity. It is a constant battle and we’re glad to have OpenX aligned with our high standards.”

About OpenX
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