May 20, 2014

OpenX Launches Mobile Software Development Kit for Video Advertising

OpenX’s SDK gives iOS and Android developers the most comprehensive bundle of plug-and-play mobile video advertising tools available to monetize their content

LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2014 – OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology, today announced the release of a software development kit (SDK) for iOS and Android developers seeking a simple way to monetize their apps with powerful video advertising technology. OpenX’s new SDK represents the most comprehensive bundle of plug-and-play video advertising tools available to publishers and app developers to monetize all of their inventory, both directly sold and programmatic. The release of the SDK comes amidst rapid growth for OpenX’s multiscreen platform, which includes a native mobile exchange and mobile ad serving. It is now available for download at:

“As mobile usage growth continues to soar, publishers are seeking more sophisticated ad formats beyond the simple mobile banner, which has become less effective,” said Martin Price, head of mobile products, OpenX. “Video has shown tremendous potential as a meaningful advertising medium, especially on mobile devices. As part of our commitment to provide publishers and app developers with cutting-edge monetization platforms on any screen and any device, we’re excited to release our SDK for both iOS and Android to quickly and easily monetize their content with VAST-compliant video and native ad formats.”

The new SDK enhances OpenX’s existing video advertising functionality by supporting multiple new video ad units including pre, mid, and post-roll video, click-to-play native in-feed video ads, and interstitial video ads. The SDK also comes with a bundled video player for iOS and Android, as well as extensive support for publishers’ own custom video players. In addition to providing the ability to quickly configure multiple video formats, the SDK also enables publishers to run native ads and deploy them at scale. Specific features include:

  • 5 Video Ad Formats – Pre, mid and post-roll video ad formats, native in-feed ads, and interstitial video ads supported via OpenX video player and custom video players
  • Plug-and-Play OpenX Video PlayerVAST-compatible player which includes a customizable control interface for both a publisher’s content as well as its advertising
  • Native Ad Formats– In-feed video in addition to all IAB native ad format types and direct integration with OpenX’s native exchange
  • Premier Ad Quality – Advanced support to block suspect ads that redirect to the app stores without user input
  • Rich Media Ads– Support for click-to-action, Mobile Rich-Media Ad Interface (MRAID), Celtra and HTML5 ad units
  • Advanced Customization – Target multiple screen sizes and display orientations and include custom ad parameters using key-value pairs. Also includes support for custom video players.
  • Developer Tools  – Configure event listeners and view messages coming back from the ad server in real-time
  • Unity 3D plugin  – Ability to incorporate OpenX ad inventory into a publisher’s Unity 3D app

The SDK is now available for download at:

About OpenX

OpenX is a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology. OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies through superior advertising technology. OpenX provides a comprehensive technology platform for publishers that includes one of the first and largest programmatic ad exchanges, a next generation supply side platform and fully featured ad serving. All these products are multiscreen and OpenX also offers one of the industry’s most robust SDKs for app developers.

OpenX Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OpenX Software Ltd., is based in Los Angeles and is backed by leading investors including Accel Partners, Index Ventures, SAP Ventures, and Samsung Venture Investment Corporation. OpenX is a trademark of OpenX Limited.

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