August 28, 2013

OpenX Launches Groundbreaking Real-Time Traffic Quality Monitoring System

Proprietary Dual Human and Automated, Real-Time Filtering Process Ensures the Quality of Impressions in OpenX Ad Exchange

LOS ANGELES, August 28, 2013 OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology, today announced the launch of a proprietary traffic quality system that sets a new standard for the digital advertising industry. The state-of-the-art system uses automated, real-time processes to quickly identify and filter out suspicious traffic, providing advertisers with a secure environment in which to purchase ad inventory. The development of the system underlines OpenX’s commitment to maintaining the health and vibrancy of OpenX Ad Exchange, the Company’s massive, global digital marketplace. The in-house OpenX team that oversees the system includes a highly experienced group of data scientists, quality analysts and developers.

According to comScore, a material amount of Internet traffic is non-human.* The result of this invalid traffic is poor performance for advertisers and reduced confidence in online inventory. Historically – and still the norm throughout the industry – many ad exchanges have provided very rudimentary solutions to address this serious issue, simply flagging suspicious publishers and impressions for review sometimes hours or days after a transaction has occurred. In contrast, OpenX takes a much more rigorous approach by scoring and filtering traffic in real-time using advanced statistical techniques.

This programmatic system complements the OpenX Supply Policy, which sets strict requirements for publishers seeking to participate in OpenX Ad Exchange. The combination of OpenX’s automated filtration process with a rigorous human review of all new publishers ensures that inventory meets the quality expectations of buyers, most importantly by offering real content and strong user engagement.

The OpenX team that designs and implements the Company’s system is a rare mix of industry veterans with deep experience in traffic quality in both display advertising and paid search at companies including Yahoo!, Overture and Shopzilla. The team’s members have extensive backgrounds in mathematics, distributed computing, data mining and fraud detection. Many members have Ph.D.s from leading universities, including California Institute of Technology, UCLA and University of Pennsylvania.

“Given that we power and operate one of the world’s largest ad exchanges, the quality of the inventory in our marketplace is of vital importance to OpenX and we’re excited to announce the latest advancements in our traffic quality system,” said Qasim Saifee, senior vice president, monetization platform, OpenX. “With this system, premium advertisers and their representatives can continue to buy with confidence.”

“The OpenX Ad Exchange takes significant steps to ensure the quality of inventory by combining offline scoring, real-time, and ad hoc techniques,” said John Murphy, vice president, market quality, OpenX. “In addition to the clear benefits to advertisers, these steps also provide a meaningful measure of security to quality publishers so that they know that, in placing their inventory in the exchange, it will not be mixed in with non-human, low quality inventory. I’m especially proud of the world-class team we’ve built and am looking forward to working with them to continue innovating in this important area.”

* comScore, Battling Bots: comScore’s Ongoing Efforts to Detect and Remove Non-Human Traffic

About OpenX

OpenX is a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology. OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies. OpenX solutions provide a unique Software as a Service platform by combining ad serving, an ad exchange, which includes Supply Side Platform technology, and content valuation.

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