July 23, 2020

OpenX Launches BIDS, New Solution for Advertisers to Access Log-Level Data and Gain Visibility into Programmatic Media Buys

Buyers can come to OpenX for easy and secure access to robust data sets made available through Snowflake Data Marketplace

Los Angeles — July 23, 2020 — OpenX today announced the launch of the company’s Bidding Intelligence Data Set (BIDS), a new solution to make log-level reporting available to marketers or agencies looking for more visibility into their programmatic media buys. Through a partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data platform, buyers that work with OpenX can now quickly, easily and securely access granular data around auction participation and bid performance on Snowflake Data Marketplace, gaining a wealth of data that can uncover valuable insights for their business.

As digital media continues to become more transparent, log-level data allows marketers to look at auctions they have participated in and gain insights that can help inform future campaigns. Analyzing log-level data can help marketers uncover what bidding, pricing and targeting strategies result in auction wins, it can uncover previously unseen technical errors, and it provides deeper visibility into the supply path. 

Log-level data has traditionally been difficult to get, maintain and analyze. BIDS solves for these problems by making log-level data accessible and actionable without dev resources. Marketers can come to OpenX to access BIDS and analyze performance and outcomes across several critical fields including: publisher integration types, loss reasons, people-based IDs (e.g. LiveRamp’s IdentityLink), minimum bids to win, and much more.

“One of the macro trends in digital advertising over the past few years is that marketers are taking a much more hands on approach to their digital campaigns, digging deep into what is happening behind the scenes. The increase in log-level data requests is a direct result of that,” said Brian Murphy, SVP, Demand at OpenX. “We love to partner with marketers on initiatives like this, and our partnership with Snowflake is all about making it easy as possible to access and analyze this data.”

All data will be hosted on a secure, easy to to use data marketplace available within a customer’s Snowflake account. For marketers who work with OpenX and are also existing Snowflake clients, the log-level data will be available almost instantly to their Snowflake account. For marketers that are not current Snowflake customers, OpenX can easily create a guest account that has read-only access to a buyer’s data.

“New forms of data are always emerging, and many of the world’s smartest companies are looking for ways that they can use this to their advantage. In the rapidly growing programmatic advertising market, the next big data trend is log-level data, applying analytics to it to optimize bidding strategies and insights – all without ever moving the actual data” said Bill Stratton, VP of Media Industry Strategy at Snowflake. “OpenX sits in a unique place in the ecosystem, as a trusted monetization partner to thousands of the largest sites and apps in the world, and with Snowflake’s innovative platform, they have a scalable and frictionless  way to deliver the data they have to marketers or ad agencies through Snowflake Data Marketplace.”

For more information on BIDS, or to request a log-level data file from OpenX, email BuyerDevelopment@openx.com


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