March 11, 2015

OpenX Introduces Consumer Grade User Experience to Forecasting

New suite of tools is a simple three-step process that adds insight into revenue projections and streamlines workflow processes for publishers 

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – 11 March 2015 – OpenX, a global leader in digital and mobile advertising technology, today launched significant enhancements to its suite of forecasting tools, simplifying the workflow into three easy steps, plus adding new features for increased transparency and control when forecasting campaigns.

The ability to easily and accurately forecast advertising inventory is critical to ensure the success of a campaign, but many ad ops professionals today are not given the in-depth training required to successfully leverage the complex forecasting workflows in other ad serving platforms. OpenX’s forecasting system eliminates that problem by providing ad ops professionals with an easy and intuitive forecasting process built with a consumer grade user experience.

OpenX’s forecasting system uses visual cues to confirm that each step has been completed successfully and provides context sensitive support throughout the interface. OpenX publisher partners will receive helpful guidance through the entire forecasting process, in addition to enjoying an unmatched level of customer service.

“Forecasting is an important part of our strategy to help us deliver more accurate advertiser campaigns that deliver on our customer’s business objectives,” Luke Edson, SVP of National Markets at YP said. “Working with OpenX and having access to tools like this one help further our commitment to helping local businesses grow.”

In the simple three-step process, the user selects flight dates, chooses a buying model and applies targeting parameters. Once the forecast has run, the user can review not just the inventory availability but also the overall revenue impact of the forecasted campaign, providing a clear understanding of the potential trade-offs involved in accepting new business.

Paul Sternhell, GM of Ad Server at OpenX, said, “Eliminating the complexity associated with existing forecasting products and ensuring that anyone can easily utilize OpenX’s forecasting system served as the impetus to re-envision our product to provide a consumer grade experience. We exist to help publishers fully monetize their content and to provide exceptional customer service while helping them do so, and these new features support that mission.”

Other new features of the OpenX forecasting system include the ability to create forecast templates and archive historical forecasts to reference at a later date, increasing efficiency and reducing time spent preparing predictions. The streamlined targeting workflow will reduce time spent by simplifying the process of selecting desired targeting parameters.

With OpenX’s forecasting system publishers now have added insight into understanding how a campaign will perform with an exceptional degree of accuracy. Forecasting is fully integrated with the OpenX Ad Server, at no additional cost, for continuity between forecasts and execution of campaigns.

About OpenX

OpenX exists to help publishers grow their businesses by monetizing great content. We do this by creating highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising marketplaces that deliver optimal value to all buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

Today, OpenX operates one of the largest, most efficient and highest quality programmatic markets in the world. Our single stack system also encompasses a complete supply side platform powered by the unique OpenX Demand Fusion technology that merges network and Real-Time Bidding, and a comprehensive ad server.

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