May 23, 2016

OpenX Announces Participation in TAG’s Anti-Fraud Certification Program

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK — May 23, 2015 — OpenX, a global leader in driving superior monetization for publishers, today announced its participation in the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) anti-fraud certification program, “Certified Against Fraud.” As a participant, OpenX will undergo a rigorous evaluation based on TAG’s anti-fraud guidelines specifically designed for programmatic ad exchanges. Upon completion, TAG will award “Certified Against Fraud” seals to the digital advertising companies leading in their quality efforts. Ensuring the OpenX Ad Exchange remains the highest quality marketplace in the industry has led to premium buyer confidence and increased participation, resulting in higher demand and consistently higher revenue for publishers.

“Quality has been a cornerstone of the OpenX Ad Exchange since 2012 when OpenX led the industry in an ongoing campaign to eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising,” John Murphy, vice president of marketplace quality at OpenX. “Third-party quality assurance is critical to the growth and success of programmatic advertising. TAG’s anti-fraud certification is a positive step towards unifying the fragmented digital advertising ecosystem and establishing a common quality framework companies can follow.”

OpenX was recently ranked as the highest quality, most trusted marketplace for digital advertising in the United States on Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index for April 2016. The Global Seller Trust Index is the industry’s first comprehensive Real-Time Bidding (RTB) quality rating standard.

OpenX was also among the first group of technology companies to achieve independent third-party certification for the inventory in its exchange through TAG’s Inventory Quality Guideline (IQG) program. With the IQG program, companies can describe and disclose the characteristics of their advertising inventory systematically – meaning all technology providers can be measured against the same high standards.

“By supporting the TAG ‘Certified Against Fraud’ program, OpenX is proving its leadership by working with TAG to tackle one of the toughest problems facing our industry. We are delighted that OpenX is one of the inaugural participants in TAG’s anti-fraud efforts, and we look forward to building a safer, more trustworthy supply chain together,” Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG.

The TAG “Certified Against Fraud” program is part of TAG’s interlocking efforts to eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, fight Internet piracy, and promote transparency across the digital advertising supply chain.

About OpenX
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