Joel Meyer

SVP of Engineering

As SVP of Engineering, Joel Meyer is responsible for the team and technology that power OpenX’s product at massive scale across a global footprint. He is focused on leveraging our considerable cloud expertise to drive cost of sales lower while accelerating time-to-market for our products. He is also passionate about maintaining our world class engineering team and making OpenX the kind of place where great engineers want to work.

Prior to taking leadership of the entire engineering organization, Joel led OpenX’s successful cloud migration and also established OpenX as a leader in preparing publishers for Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative. With over fifteen years of tenure at OpenX he has led everything from UI teams to SRE teams and developed several of the core high-volume, low-latency ad exchange components.

Prior to joining OpenX, Joel worked at Google, IBM, and an early blogging/social networking site called Xanga. Joel holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at UIUC.

Joel Meyer