Purch Lifts Monthly Revenue with OpenX Bidder


From January 2015 to November 2015, with help from OpenX yield optimizations, Purch lifted OpenX-procured monthly revenue on bidder by 400%.

With a dedicated OpenX yield analyst, Purch saw a 30% to 40% lift in revenue with OpenX Bidder overnight.

Purch successfully added 27 individual sites on bidder, including a dozen international sites.

How Purch Lifted Monthly Revenue with OpenX Bidder

Purch, a portfolio of quality digital brands and services, such as Tom’s Guide, Top Ten Reviews, and ShopSavvy, connects 100M+ monthly users with marketers, driving $1B in commerce transactions annually. After initial success, Purch wanted to leverage the OpenX Exchange in a bigger way, to increase demand and visibility for their valuable impressions.

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