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OpenAudience allows marketers to plan and buy with ease and performance on every screen across the open web

Build audiences like never before by combining the reach of the open web – including every digitally addressable adult in the US – with the performance of the walled gardens. All 100% People Based.
- OpenAudience for Marketers

Find the right person

Take the guesswork out of your marketing by creating custom profiles and audiences, modeled or segmented from your 1st party data. Tap into “ready-to-go” audiences, or build lookalike audiences, and ensure you are reaching the right consumers.

- OpenAudience for Marketers

Showcase your brand

Reach your people across mobile, desktop, OTT and more. Your target customers are spending their time in countless different places online, and your brand should be there too.

- OpenAudience for Marketers

Hit your KPIs

Reach the right people, the right number of times in order to hit your KPIs. Instead of focusing on a single impression at a moment in time, plan campaigns to reach specific people over a period of time.

OpenAudience for Marketers is currently in private testing.

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