August 15, 2016

OpenX Launches Header Bidding Line Item Capability for Ad Server Clients

New feature enables efficient workflow, better price support and precise reporting

Los Angeles and New York – August 15, 2016 – OpenX, a global leader in driving superior monetization for publishers, today announced the launch of the industry’s first header bidding line item capability for ad serving. This greatly simplified, more precise time-saving approach to using multiple header bidding partners to drive higher revenue is already improving efficiency and yield for OpenX Ad Server publisher clients.

This feature eliminates the painstaking and inefficient creation of a hundred or more line items per demand partner at different price points and replaces them with a single header bidding line item with a dynamic price triggered by a key value pair. The header bidding line item passes the exact price of the bid for precise performance tracking and reporting.

“The header bidding line item is a huge step toward more intelligent ad serving. A single ad ops member was able to traffic a header partner in less than 15 minutes, and eCPMs increased immediately as we could take advantage of penny increments with no limitations or increased workload,” said Stephanie Snow, vice president of ad operations at Intermarkets, Inc. “This feature has been a huge asset to our Yield team as well, providing insightful performance analytics in a clean and concise way.”

“Header bidding, once viewed as a hack to insert more programmatic demand into a publisher’s ad server, has quickly turned into an integral part of our publisher partners’ monetization strategies,” said Andy Negrin, vice president of product at OpenX. “At OpenX, we worked directly with our customers to co-innovate on header bidding to make the ad server configuration process simpler, more powerful and time-saving for ad operations teams. By embracing new technologies within our ad server we provide the optimal experience for header bidding.”

The OpenX Ad Server is a complete digital advertising solution that provides publishers with a combination of superior forecasting, targeting, and optimization tools. Its operational efficiency lowers total solution cost by integrating formats and devices in one platform, and coupled with the header bidding line item feature, provides more accurate pricing and precise reporting while simplifying integration with multiple header bidders.

About OpenX
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