June 9, 2014

OpenX Transforms Concept of SSP with Industry-First Demand Fusion Technology

New OpenX SSP Technology Delivers Significantly Higher Yield for Publishers such as YP, TVGuide.com and The New York Observer

LOS ANGELES, June 9, 2014   OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology, today announced the launch of the next generation of OpenX SSP (Supply Side Platform), transforming the concept of SSP with Demand Fusion technology. OpenX’s groundbreaking new approach represents a major advance over traditional SSPs by truly fusing Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and ad network demand into a single auction, driving up price by increasing competition and maximizing yield for publishers. Key customers using the new OpenX SSP at launch include YP, TVGuide.com and The New York Observer.

Traditional SSPs were designed before the advent of real-time buying and as RTB took off in 2009-2010 they had to bolt RTB demand into their existing network mediation tech stacks. This retrofitting approach resulted in fractured demand and therefore suboptimal publisher revenue.

In contrast, the new OpenX SSP has been built from the ground up to fuse all demand sources simultaneously, precisely and instantly evaluating all prices and dynamically selecting the highest bid from the full array of RTB and ad network buyers to maximize yield.

In conjunction with powering industry-leading yield for publishers, the new OpenX SSP provides multi-layered safeguards for ad quality monitoring to comprehensively protect publishers from unwanted ads and a sophisticated suite of customizable reports that help publishers understand performance trends, buyer and bid activity insights, and yield opportunities.

“Given YP’s vast audience scale and value, embracing programmatic has helped to evolve our digital advertising strategy,” said David Lebow, executive vice president and general manager, Digital Markets Group, YP. “OpenX’s Demand Fusion technology is exactly what the digital advertising industry has needed and we’re excited to be one of the first publishers to use it.”

“TVGuide.com has the most engaged audience in the valuable TV information category, with more than 18 million monthly unique visitors,” said Christy Tanner, senior vice president and general manager, TVGuide.com. “We’ve seen tremendous growth in audience and advertiser demand across platforms. Along with our world-class direct sales force, OpenX’s new SSP platform will help us continue to maximize the value of our content – whether online or on mobile devices.”

“OpenX’s mission has been consistent over the past six years: we exist to maximize advertising revenue for digital publishers,” said Tim Cadogan, chief executive officer, OpenX. “With the launch of the new OpenX SSP powered by Demand Fusion, we are thrilled to provide the next level of truly optimal yield management technology and thereby help more publishers grow their businesses.”

Innovative features of the new OpenX SSP include:

Demand Fusion Technology – Demand Fusion is a patent-pending technology that effectively fuses RTB and network demand, optimizing pricing through superior competition and maximizing revenue for publishers. This groundbreaking approach instantly evaluates all prices and dynamically selects the highest bid from both RTB and ad network buyers within the user’s browser to optimize yield for each and every impression.

Advanced Ad Quality Controls– OpenX SSP protects the publisher with a robust multi-layered system for ad quality monitoring that includes automated malware protection. In addition to automated solutions, OpenX also provides controls that empower the publisher to enforce brand quality. Specifically, these controls enable publishers to filter, review and block creatives.

Robust Reporting and Insights – An integral component of the new OpenX SSP is an expansive suite of customizable reports that provide trends and actionable insights to help publishers view their performance and make informed decisions. Publishers have access to an array of reports that synthesize and distill data across numerous metrics and attributes, in addition to reports that reflect overall yield, buyer activity and bid landscape.

To learn more about OpenX SSP, please visit: https://www.openx.com/product/ssp 

To register for the upcoming OpenX SSP webinar on June 19, 2014, which will provide a product overview and demonstration, please visit: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/705790128

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