November 1, 2017

OpenX Takes Top Spot as Premium Publishers’ Leading Global Independent Ads.txt Partner

Survey of comScore 1000 publishers identifies OpenX as #1 independent ads.txt preferred partner

LONDON, LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – November 1, 2017 – OpenX, the world’s leading independent advertising technology provider, today announced the results of a global audit of comScore 1000 publishers’ implementation of the IAB’s ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) initiative. The audit conducted through October 2017 found that more premium publishers had selected OpenX as a preferred seller than any other independent exchange. Overall, OpenX’s exchange was the #2 most adopted ads.txt partner globally amongst the comScore 1000, second only to Google’s DFP.

Ads.txt is an industry initiative designed to address serious quality and fraud concerns stemming from the unauthorized reselling and, in many cases, counterfeiting of publisher inventory. Ads.txt offers a simple and secure method for publishers to publicly declare the companies they trust to sell their digital inventory, creating greater transparency in the digital media supply chain. The report found that more than one third of premium publishers have adopted ads.txt to date. According to a September 2017 global study conducted by Ad Ops Insider, the average publisher has identified fewer than 5 trusted, high quality exchanges via ads.txt that are authorized to sell their inventory.

“Domain counterfeiting, or ‘domain spoofing’ as it has been termed, is not a victimless crime. It robs publishers of revenue, dilutes their brand and defrauds advertisers of their intended consumer engagement,” said Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX. “OpenX has been leading the fight against fraud to establish a higher quality advertising ecosystem for years and we are very pleased to see publishers recognizing our commitment by selecting our exchange as one of their most trusted partners.”  

“Business Insider was one of the very first global publishers to take a strong stance endorsing ads.txt, which counters the threat to both brands and publishers from domain spoofing,” said Jana Meron, VP of programmatic strategy for Business Insider. “Ads.txt allows Business Insider to identify the high-quality partners we trust to sell our inventory and ensures buyers are actually purchasing the brand safe consumer engagements they intend. As one of the high-quality exchanges we partner with, we were pleased to include OpenX in our initial ads.txt rollout and we look forward to continuing our partnership to build a strong and trusted future for digital advertising.” 

About OpenX
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