June 8, 2017

OpenX Signs On As Beta Partner With Google For Exchange Bidding

Supports the development of transparent and fair header bidding management solutions

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – June 8, 2017 – OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetization, today announced a new partnership with Google, signing on as a beta partner for Exchange Bidding, formerly EBDA. OpenX publisher partners can now use Exchange Bidding to supplement a direct integration with OpenX Bidder, and all publishers who adopt EBDA can leverage the OpenX Ad Exchange through a single point of integration with Google.

“We are happy to have OpenX as one of the first partners for our Exchange Bidding product. It’s great to have partners like OpenX who share our values and want to work together to create a fair and efficient ad marketplace for all participants,” said Sam Cox, Ad Exchange buy side and policy, Google. “To ensure Exchange Bidding meets this goal, we created an advisory board with members from our initial exchange partners like OpenX. It’s feedback from this group that has helped inform the development of Exchange Bidding and make it work better for everyone.”

As one of the first exchanges to partner with Google on Exchange Bidding, OpenX is also an active member of the advisory board for the product. Working closely with Google to guide product development and best practices for integration, OpenX remains focused on continuously improving yield performance for publishers and facilitating the growth of a safe and trusted buying environment for buyers.

“At OpenX we exist to help publishers make more money from advertising, and when it comes to partnering with third party container companies, we employ a highly rigorous and selective vetting process before endorsing technical solutions to our partners. In short, the full power of our superior monetization capability should be available to publishers, without dilution, when delivered through a container,” said Jason Fairchild, co-founder and chief revenue officer, OpenX.

“Exchange Bidding has proven to be an excellent complementary solution to our existing integration with OpenX Bidder,” said Katie Pillich, vice president of ad operations & programmatic strategy, The Daily Beast. “By keeping OpenX direct on the page, while also exploring the potential revenue benefits of using Exchange Bidding, we’ve been able to easily turn on and off additional exchange partners to increase competition and bring in unique demand in the process. Simultaneously, we can support our existing PMP strategy and maintain the trusted brand quality protections provided by OpenX.”

Jason Fairchild continued, “It’s critical for industry players to coalesce around solutions that have consciously prioritized transparency and fairness, and that have taken the necessary steps to guarantee a technically sound product. In working with Google on the development of Exchange Bidding we believe the product meets our strict criteria and allows publishers the transparency and control to choose how to sell their inventory.”

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