January 30, 2015

OpenX Ranked #1 For the Second Consecutive Month in Inventory Quality in Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index For Real Time Bidding

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK, January 30, 2015 OpenX, a global leader in web and mobile advertising technology, today announced that it ranked first for inventory quality in Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index (Index) for the second consecutive month. OpenX also led in the critically important category of fraud prevention. The Global Seller Trust Index is the industry’s first comprehensive Real-Time Bidding (RTB) quality rating standard.

The results of the Index demonstrate the success of OpenX’s strategic decision to prioritize inventory quality and to provide the cleanest exchange for publishers and advertisers alike. “We’re thrilled to once again be recognized as the leader in the critically important categories of inventory quality and fraud prevention in the latest Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index,” said John Murphy, Vice President, Marketplace Quality, OpenX. “Pixalate is performing a crucial service to the industry with its ongoing focus on this significant issue. As a result, the ecosystem is improved by ensuring that advertising is driven to the supply pools with the highest quality. We’re especially gratified that the investments that OpenX has made over the last three years, both in technology and people, are generating these results.”

“Turn provides brands and agencies access to high quality inventory through partners that share our commitment to safety, and we’re pleased with OpenX’s success in providing a safe buying environment for our customers. OpenX’s strides in the areas of traffic quality and fraud prevention are impressive,” said Julius Ramirez, Senior Director, Global Partner Development at Turn.

“A commitment to addressing programmatic’s challenges at the source is fundamental to the industry’s success,” said Jalal Nasir, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pixalate. “Companies that recognize the imperative and invest in the quality of their supply will ultimately ensure that. OpenX continues to lead for a second consecutive month in the Seller Trust Index quality ratings and we congratulate them on their achievement.”

OpenX set the industry standard for traffic quality in 2013 with the launch of the OpenX Traffic Quality Monitoring System, featuring dual human and automated, real-time filtering processes to ensure inventory quality. The proprietary system identifies and filters out suspicious traffic in real-time, and enables OpenX to surgically splice inventory, allowing only quality impressions into the OpenX Ad Exchange.

The monthly Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index is based upon its proprietary technology that analyzes more than 100 billion monthly impressions and delivers ratings based upon inventory quality and ad performance, along with classic reach ranking. Global quality ratings are based on an analysis of overall effectiveness assessing viewability, fraud, engagement, domain masking, and inventory scores in compliance with recognized industry standards.

To access a free copy of the Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index including the methodology, please visit: pixalate.com/sellertrustindex

About OpenX

OpenX is focused on unleashing the full economic potential of digital media companies. We do this by creating highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising marketplaces that deliver optimal value to all buyers and sellers of digital advertising.

Today, OpenX is recognized as the highest quality independent exchange, and we operate some of the largest and most efficient programmatic markets in the world. Our single stack system encompasses a complete supply side platform powered by the unique OpenX Demand Fusion technology that merges network and Real-Time Bidding, and a comprehensive ad server.

At OpenX we have built a team that is uniquely experienced in designing and operating high-scale programmatic ad marketplaces. We are constantly on the lookout for thoughtful, creative executors who are as fascinated as we are about finding new ways to apply a blend of market design, technical innovation, operational excellence and empathetic partner service to the frontiers of digital advertising.

OpenX is headquartered in Los Angeles, with supporting offices in England, Germany and Japan.

www.openx.com @openx