December 10, 2019

OpenX Granted Patent For Scoring Impressions and Users in Programmatic Advertising

Patent is the 8th issued to leading digital advertising exchange

Los Angeles – December 11, 2019 – OpenX today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company U.S. Patent 10,410,245, “System and methods for using a revenue value index to score impressions for users for advertisement placement.” 

The patent highlights the vision that OpenX had years ago of allowing both marketers and publishers to better assess the value of an individual user behind a screen, and ensure ads are shown at a fair price that offers maximum value for both sides of the ecosystem. 

The patent describes the ability for OpenX’s technology to create and use a “revenue value index” that allows impressions and users to be scored to determine the fair price for an ad placement, or to provide analytics to publishers for future use. This addresses the use of both first-party data and third-party data to value either ad impressions or the users engaging the websites on which ads are likely to be placed.

“This represents our 8th patent at OpenX, and since founding the company over ten years ago, we have placed a strong emphasis on protecting the IP that allows us to deliver value to our customers,” said Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX. “The ability to accurately value a user is critical for both sides of the digital advertising ecosystem, and this is an example of how we are bringing solutions to market that enable us to deliver superior outcomes for marketers.”

The ability to determine a fair price for a user or impression is an essential element of operating an effective marketplace, and a revenue value index will play an important role in helping OpenX execute effective people-based marketing going forward, including the company’s OpenAudience solution. 

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