June 20, 2022

OpenX Continues on Its ’Path to Net-Zero’, Partners With SCOPE3 To Help Brands and Agencies Measure and Reduce the Carbon Impact of Their Ad Campaigns

CANNES, France, June 20, 2022OpenX Technologies, Inc., a leading global omnichannel advertising exchange, today announced that it is partnering with Scope3, Inc., a leader in supply chain emissions data, as part of OpenX’s long-term effort to significantly lower the carbon footprint of programmatic advertising. Through this partnership, the company will offer Green Xchange Packages from OpenX (GXPs) that leverage Scope3 to measure and compensate for carbon emissions of brand advertising campaigns.  

The partnership with Scope3 advances OpenX’s “Path to Net-Zero,” a comprehensive and ongoing initiative that has positioned the company at the forefront of sustainability practices in the digital advertising industry. OpenX is the first advertising exchange to be certified as carbon neutral, reducing its own carbon emissions by more than 90 percent and meeting the Science Based Target initiative’s Net-Zero standard.

“OpenX’s success in carbon reduction and our ongoing development of sustainable advertising products will drive our collective effort to reduce the carbon impact of digital advertising and help our customers meet their own sustainability goals,” said John Gentry, chief executive officer of OpenX. “We’re eager to support all companies making advances in sustainability within the industry, and working with Scope3 is an important step in providing advertising solutions that measure climate impact and consume less energy.” 

“Green Media Products are the fastest, easiest way to make a measurable impact on the carbon footprint of the advertising industry. By offering GXPs, a carbon neutral media product measured by Scope3, OpenX immediately provides marketers looking to reduce their emissions footprint with the lowest-carbon path to premium supply,” said Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO of Scope3. “OpenX’s work in achieving carbon neutral certification and reducing carbon emissions across their operations establishes them as clear leaders and closely aligns with Scope3’s mission to decarbonize digital advertising.

The Scope3 partnership announcement comes as the industry gathers in Cannes, where OpenX will host two panel discussions focused on driving sustainability within the industry. The panels will take place at the OpenX floating venue at Jetée Albert Edouard on June 21.

About OpenX 

OpenX is a pioneering leader in advertising technology, helping create a world where the open web thrives. The company powers advertising on web, mobile and connected TV formats, enabling marketers to reach their target audience across OpenX’s global network of publishers. OpenX works with more than 130,000 premium publishers and receives more than 250 billion ad requests every day. OpenX has been certified as a CarbonNeutral® company and is on a path to becoming one of the first companies in the world to achieve Net-Zero status.