June 1, 2017

OpenX Bidder for Apps Gains Steam, Increases Revenue 20% for Mobile Publishers

Increased competition generates incremental revenue for Slader

LONDON & LOS ANGELES, 1 June 2017 – OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetisation, today announced impressive results following the growth of its bidder solution for mobile app, Bidder for Apps. In the last year several mobile app publishers have integrated the solution, with a majority of publisher partners experiencing lifts on average of 20 percent.

By boosting competition and participation from secure, high quality demand partners, OpenX Bidder for Apps helps publishers increase yield significantly across their mobile apps. Within a week of integrating the product, Slader, a provider of education and learning apps, saw immediate yield benefits and OpenX moved to a top spot in their demand stack. Now directly behind their primary exchange, OpenX contributes to 22.5 percent of Slader’s total weekly revenue.

“At Slader, we run an advanced programmatic setup to make sure we are in control of our revenue decisions. We were in search of a solution that would improve yield while preserving the user experience, and Bidder for Apps helped us achieve this goal,” said Peter Bernheim, co-founder, Slader. “Working with OpenX Bidder for Apps has allowed us to leverage OpenX’s premium mobile demand to not only drive incremental revenue, but improve competition from all our partners, thereby improving overall yield.”

OpenX Bidder for Apps is an easy to integrate, lightweight bidder solution that increases competition for mobile app inventory and delivers impressive monetisation on every impression. In addition to providing publishers with access to more than 135 mobile and cross-screen demand partners already integrated with OpenX, Bidder for Apps can now support publishers integrated with MoPub or DFP.

“While the need for a header bidding solution on desktop was clear, the app environment called for a much more sophisticated approach,” said Maggie Mesa, vice president of mobile business development, OpenX. “App publishers need to ensure they’re working with partners like OpenX that have the engineering resources and expertise in mobile to guide them through implementation. We invested heavily in our technology over the last year and a half to be a true mobile-first company and can now fully support the unique needs of app publishers today.”

Earlier this week, OpenX announced 191% growth in its mobile business overall. More than half of OpenX’s total traffic now comes from mobile web or app inventory.

Maggie Mesa continued, “As mobile app publishers continue to gain experience and comfort with building out and optimising their tech stacks to monetise their apps, we expect to continue to see Bidder for Apps as the industry’s most lucrative solution for maximising competition and gaining access to premium demand.”

The full Slader case study is available to download at this link here.