February 27, 2012

OpenX Acquires Breakthrough Supply-Side Platform LiftDNA

Combination now offers the first complete ad management platform enabling publishers to maximize revenue across all classes of buyers: Guaranteed, Ad Networks, DSPs and Exchanges

LOS ANGELES, February 27, 2012 OpenX Technologies, Inc. (OpenX), one of the world’s leading providers of digital advertising technology, today announced that Supply-Side Platform (SSP) LiftDNA will officially become part of OpenX. With the acquisition of LiftDNA, OpenX brings publishers a better way to optimize their ad revenue by unifying LiftDNA’s next generation SSP with OpenX’s premium ad server and its ad exchange into one seamless platform. Since LiftDNA’s solution is already integrated with OpenX’s platform, LiftDNA by OpenX™ is available immediately. The announcement was made at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership Meeting.

LiftDNA by OpenX™ increases revenue for publishers by using a breakthrough yield optimization approach: LiftDNA is the first and only yield optimization technology to work completely within a publisher’s ad server. By directly managing all non-guaranteed demand channels – Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), ad networks, traditional SSPs and exchanges – from inside the ad server, LiftDNA is able to process all available pricing information for the publisher and thereby maximize competition and revenue. Furthermore, because it operates within the ad server, LiftDNA reduces discrepancies and system latency, both of which further increase publisher revenue.

Moreover, LiftDNA by OpenX™ can work within any ad server, not just OpenX Enterprise. This means publishers can quickly transform their existing ad servers into profit centers without switching. Since its launch in September 2009, LiftDNA customers have achieved revenue increases of 50-150% on average.

In addition to the publisher benefits, the combination of OpenX and LiftDNA will also provide benefits to buyers of ad inventory. In particular, the combination of OpenX Market and LiftDNA by OpenX™ creates a massive pool of Real-Time Bidding-enabled inventory totaling more than 100 billion ad impressions per month. The reach, scale and quality of this inventory provides one of the largest buying sources on the internet.

“We’re so excited about this acquisition because of the unique and innovative approach LiftDNA has taken to yield optimization,” said Tim Cadogan, chief executive officer, OpenX. “Building yield optimization directly into the ad server breaks the mold of remote, third party services, dramatically increases revenue and aligns perfectly with OpenX’s vision of providing publishers with a comprehensive revenue serving platform. We’re delighted to be able to bring this superio