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Simple setup for all the tools needed to optimize Prebid and maximize revenue

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Prebid gives publishers much needed control over their programmatic revenue, while also providing increased transparency and ease of integration. It rapidly solidified itself as the most popular unified auction solution on the web. However, when it comes to analyzing and optimizing performance, there’s still room for innovation and improvement.

To maximize Prebid, publishers need the ability to quickly generate insights from detailed analytics and easy-to-use experimentation.

Introducing OpenX Apollo

The all-in-one solution for publishers to get the most out of Prebid
- Prebid - OpenX Apollo

An Easy-to-Use, Self-Serve Platform

An easy-to-use, self-serve platform gives you full control over Prebid, including the option to extend resources by upgrading to Enhanced or Enterprise tiers.

- Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Performance Visibility Across Programmatic Partners

Analyze the performance of Prebid across all partners and quickly access key metrics through one centralized platform.

- Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Drive Revenue through Experimentation

Safely deploy configuration A/B tests to identify optimization opportunities that drive revenue.

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OpenX Apollo Features

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Centralized tools that support both client-side and server-side setups

apollo feature 1 - Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Let our experts guide your Prebid setup from start to finish

apollo feature 2 - Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Schedule customized reports and alerts to better monitor and control Prebid

apollo feature 3 - Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Setup and deploy A/B tests without impacting your existing Prebid deployment

apollo feature 4 - Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Option to include dedicated resources to ensure effortless integration

apollo feature 5 - Prebid - OpenX Apollo

Visibility into key metrics like incremental lift, avg bid CPM, fill rates, win rates, and more

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