- Driving Higher Yields with the new OpenX SSP

Driving Higher Yields Hero - Driving Higher Yields with the new OpenX SSP


June 19, 2014

Driving Higher Yields with the new OpenX SSP

Learn how OpenX can deliver higher yields for publishers with a groundbreaking approach to SSPs.  With our Demand Fusion technology, the new OpenX SSP effectively combines RTB and network buyers to increase competition and maximize the value of each and every available impression.

In this 45-minute webinar, we cover:
•  A brief history of programmatic from scale to sophistication

•  The fundamental problems with traditional SSPs

•  The groundbreaking approach of the new OpenX SSP

•  Deep dive of Demand Fusion technology and other key features

•  Q&A with Jason White from CBS Interactive (key SSP customer)

Todd Rosenberg – Vice President, Revenue Operations at OpenX
Miki Rapoport – Director, Product at OpenX
Jason White – Vice President, Programmatic Revenue at CBS Interactive

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