- School of Programmatic U.K.


School of Programmatic Overview

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- School of Programmatic U.K.

Calling Ad Tech Professionals

The School of Programmatic is a series of free learning sessions designed to provide all programmatic advertising professionals with the educational foundation needed to optimise their digital advertising strategies and fully leverage the programmatic tools and technologies available to them today.
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Ad-Tech Education

Programmatic advertising is increasing in influence; with such speed that many media professionals, even the most experienced, admit it’s hard to keep up. OpenX is inviting all members of the programmatic world to come together and get on the same page. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you know about advancements in ad technology; the School of Programmatic sessions will give you the knowledge to get ahead right now.

What We Aim To Do

Our research has overwhelmingly identified a need for all parts of the advertising value chain to work together to better understand and utilise the opportunities available through programmatic.
- School of Programmatic U.K.
We’re going to

Decipher the confusing language, terms, and acronyms. Open the mysterious black box of programmatic trading, explore the technology stack, landscape, and how this jigsaw comes together. Learn how to tackle fraud and non-human traffic. Look at how best to collect and use data. See what metrics to use to measure the impact of programmatic on campaigns and yields.

- School of Programmatic U.K.
Who is it for?

The School offers sessions for everyone in the advertising industry, both supply side and demand side, including: Publishers
, App Developers, Media Agencies, Trading Desks, Media Services, and Advertising Agencies.