- Yes, Fraud is a Problem in Digital Advertising, But You Can Fight It

2015 02 05 hero - Yes, Fraud is a Problem in Digital Advertising, But You Can Fight It


February 5, 2015

Yes, Fraud is a Problem in Digital Advertising, But You Can Fight It

Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA, OpenX

We’ve all read the stories about ad fraud, and how even the biggest brands are falling victim to it. It’s a tough problem to be sure, but not an unbeatable one. At OpenX, we dedicate a lot of resources to combat fraud to ensure that the quality of traffic that flow’s through the OpenX Ad Exchange delivers the best results for advertisers.

Want proof? Look no further than the Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index.

If you haven’t heard of this Index, you will very soon. Introduced in December 2014, the Index is the programmatic industry’s first-ever quality rating, designed to help advertisers select ad exchanges based on a range of metrics that indicate overall quality and brand safety, including inventory, fraud, viewability, masking and other criteria. The Index is updated monthly.

OpenX Earns Top Ranking

For two consecutive months (December and January) Pixalate ranked OpenX number 1 for inventory quality and we also led in the critically important category of ‘fraud prevention’.

We believe that Pixalate are performing a crucial service to the industry by focusing on this highly significant and ongoing problem. We are pleased to see that the investments we have made as a company over the last three years, both in technology and people, are generating great results.

OpenX Multi-Pronged Approach to Traffic Quality

The results of the Index are proof that fraud isn’t inevitable. The fact is, OpenX made a strategic decision to prioritise inventory quality and to provide the cleanest exchange for publishers and advertisers alike, and that’s why we rank high on the Index.

At OpenX we take no chances and have built a multi-pronged approach to detecting and eliminating nefarious traffic. For instance, we have a dedicated Traffic Quality team that analyses traffic in real time. We’ve created stringent policies for screening who can participate in our marketplace, and we’ve developed proprietary technologies to regulate and enforce quality as standard.

For instance, OpenX built an internal traffic filtration system that scans an impression, IP and domain in real time to determine if it’s bot traffic. If it is, the ad request never enters the exchange. It reaches OpenX, but it’s automatically blocked. At OpenX, we block millions of suspicious requests a day.

We also partner with industry leaders to ensure brand safety and likelihood of conversion are key priorities. For instance, we work with Integral Ad Science, the industry’s leader on content-quality assurance, to flag pages that advertisers consider inappropriate for their brand. And we work with Adometry to assess the quality of clicks (OpenX scores are 30% higher than the industry benchmark).

Bottom Line: If you make traffic quality a top priority, then you’re not afraid of outside experts kicking your tires. We welcome the Pixalate Global Seller Index initiative, and will continue to work hard to ensuring the safety and efficacy of all forms of digital advertising.

Join me at the Digiday Publishing Summit in Monaco on Friday 6th February to hear more about how OpenX is winning the war against ad fraud.