- What’s Next for Header Bidding?

2016 08 08 hero - What’s Next for Header Bidding?


August 8, 2016

What’s Next for Header Bidding?

In the last 12 months, header bidding has not only become a hot topic in the programmatic world but also one of the key issues of debate in the industry typically because publishers are being asked to make a choice between the header bidding technology and the Google alternative. More than 50% of large publishers are already using it which begs the question of what exactly should we expect for the future of header bidding?

Andrew Buckman, Managing Director, EMEA at OpenX wrote an article for The Drum recently and explains not only how the technology works and why it’s so important for both buyers and sellers, but also outlines what’s next for header bidding.

Read the full article on The Drum to understand the header bidding journey and discover what its future in the digital industry looks like.

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