- Traffic Quality and the Fight Against Click Fraud

2015 09 25 hero - Traffic Quality and the Fight Against Click Fraud


September 25, 2015

Traffic Quality and the Fight Against Click Fraud

Combatting this problem to ensure advertisers are driving real, relevant traffic and engagement is a key challenge facing the industry.

In this Q&A Murray Phillipson, OpenX Demand Director for EMEA, discusses the problems facing the industry and OpenX’s unique next generation Traffic Quality Platform.

How much of a problem is fraudulent traffic?

Bots and non-human traffic are a big problem for the online advertising industry as a whole. According to the recent study conducted by the ANA and White Ops, approximately 17% of programmatic traffic is non-human, costing the industry $6bn a year.

How is OpenX positioned to address this problem?

Ad exchanges like OpenX sit between the buyer and seller, and therefore are uniquely positioned to identify and block fraudulent traffic. We’ve committed a lot of resource to make the most of this and ensure the OpenX Ad Exchange delivers the best results for advertisers.

Earlier this year we released our proprietary third-generation Traffic Quality Platform. This system represents the first time an exchange has leveraged direct-tag integrations with publishers to extend fraud-detection techniques into the browser itself.

How does OpenX’s Traffic Quality Platform work?

The new Traffic Quality Platform builds upon the previous solution, which detects and blocks suspicious activity through analysis of big data. The new system allows us to make the most of our position on the publisher page to detect activity in the browser itself that indicates a compromised machine.

The end result is an integrated platform that addresses all major risk factors for advertisers through sophisticated automated systems complemented by rigorous human review, resulting in 30-40% of sites seeking to participate in our exchange being rejected for failing to meet our quality standards.

What inventory does the traffic quality platform run across?

The platform runs across our entire exchange, which includes desktop, mobile, native, and video formats. It’s core to our success as one of the highest quality programmatic exchanges in the world – shown by OpenX’s ongoing position at the summit of the Pixalate Seller Trust Index.

Is it realistic that the industry can solve the click fraud problem?

The industry has recognised ad fraud as a growing problem – in 2014 the IAB established a task force in called Traffic of Good Intent, which recommended a variety of ways that advertisers can work to reduce fraud.

However due to programmatic’s explosive growth it’s an attractive target for fraudsters, creating an uphill battle for the industry.

OpenX recognised the threat in 2012, when we assembled a team of experts to develop our Traffic Quality Platform. We’ve been committed to addressing the problem ever since, as evidenced by the release of the third-generation of the platform, and we’ll continue to prioritise traffic quality to ensure we deliver the best results for advertisers using the OpenX Ad Exchange.

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