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3QuestionsTeriGallo BlogPost - Three Questions for Teri Gallo


April 26, 2017

Three Questions for Teri Gallo

1. Who is Teri Gallo, what do you do at OpenX, and how do you make us great?

I oversee Buyer Development and Corporate Business Development.

Buyer Development is the team at OpenX that is responsible for building connections and partnerships with agencies and brands. It’s utterly fulfilling to have a hand in how our company evolves in this space given it is such a brilliant time to be in media.

In my corporate business development role, I am responsible for identifying and driving global partnerships across select publishers, advertisers, data companies, and emerging platform/technology providers. All of this, with the purpose of bringing new capabilities to market and OpenX customers.

For fun … what was the last concert you saw?

The last concert I saw was Guns N Roses – July 2016 at MetLife Stadium. Brilliant. And, it inspired two next generation fans – my sons Cameron (9, Slash) and Hudson (8, Axl). # sweetchild

Teri Gallo Interview Picture  - Three Questions for Teri Gallo

2. Can you share your thoughts on why the programmatic buying world is interesting?

Everyone knows the famous quote by retailer John Wanamaker, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.“ With programmatic advertising, John Wanamaker would be closer than ever to ensure his ad dollars were efficient, working hard, and not wasted. Programmatic was the answer he was seeking as it has enabled a more targeted, more relevant, and more efficient media framework for advertisers. Through the combination of technology, data and human capital, the automation of the media buying process vis-à-vis programmatic provides brands with the most optimised pathway to reach a target audience, as well, understand that audience’s preference for a brand. It’s also a perfect tool for rapid test and learn… something that is often under-utilized. Beyond all of this, programmatic holds incredible promise to become the most effective way to synthesise omnichannel media placement and optimisation – all screens, everywhere, targeted.

It is really quite amazing. In a few short years, this automation (programmatic) has changed the advertising industry, for the better, for as long as we will know it. Although there are still quite a few kinks that the industry is working through, I believe that programmatic will fully re-shape the future of buying and selling media – its participants, its measurement, and its outcome.

Agencies and advertisers that have immersed themselves in this ‘new’ world have seen significant value and results by building their programmatic expertise. And, this trend is accelerating. You see this as agencies continue to invest more in this area and begin to stitch programmatic competency throughout their organizations… making it a part of an agency’s fiber and DNA. Advertisers are doing the same. Many have built or are pursuing the creation of in-house programmatic strategy and media teams. In fact, each day, OpenX sees a larger share of budget coming from these in-house teams.

I am incredibly excited to be a part of the programmatic journey at OpenX. The company sits at the center of the ecosystem, working with media-owners, agencies, advertisers, buying platforms, and data companies. We strive to maintain, strong, agnostic connections with all participants in the programmatic ad process. This approach puts OpenX in a very unique position. We are able to super-serve our partners and anticipate trends before they happen, which allows us to lead the industry with media and technology innovations. We are also known as ‘true north,’ the industry leader, on (what I believe are) the core tenets of good advertising: trust, quality, transparency, partnership and creativity.  

Again, it is a brilliant time in media. Every one of us is involved in changing its future – for the better. I hope to collaborate with each of you and will see some of you in Cannes!

3. What’s next for the Buyer Development team?

We have a lot on the docket for 2H. Some key priorities for us include:

  • Expand the team and build-in even more operational support to ensure we deliver products and services that exceed partner expectations.
  • Build even closer ties with our colleagues in EMEA and APAC to ensure we have even stronger global coverage for our agency and brand partners.
  • Extend the framework to deliver innovative data solutions and new ways to buy.
  • Scale our Video and Real-time Guaranteed offerings.
  • Continue agency and advertiser education initiatives vis-à-vis OpenX’s School of Programmatic.