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2016 09 27 hero - What the Industry is Talking About Post dmexco


September 22, 2016

What the Industry is Talking About Post dmexco

With over 1,000 exhibitors in four halls, and 250 hours of content sessions across 15 stages, a bewildering diversity of topics were discussed over the two days of dmexco 2016. So what are the key themes we’re still talking about now the conference is over for another year?

Virtual reality is entering the marketing mix

With the industry forecast to grow to $70 billion by 2020, and the technology set to change the way we engage with content, it’s no wonder virtual reality (VR) was high on the agenda at dmexco. A new theme within dmexco’s World of Experience was dedicated to VR, allowing visitors to experience its multifaceted application areas themselves. This immersive channel is already entering the marketing mix and as VR advertising is adopted on a wider scale, programmatic delivery will make it possible to offer personalised creative based on a variety of data signals – including eye tracking.

Header bidding must evolve and grow

Header bidding was another much-discussed technology with a strong focus on how it needs to progress in the future. Alongside representatives from MailOnline, eBay Kleinanzeigen, and CafeMedia, Jason Fairchild, OpenX’s Co-founder and CRO, took part in our a panel on the future of header bidding. The discussion explored the necessity of standardisation across the industry as well as the potential expansion of header bidding into channels such as native, video, and mobile in-app. An overview of the header bidding panel can be found here

2016 09 27 OpenX at dmexco 3 - What the Industry is Talking About Post dmexco

Video ads should be shorter

With Google using dmexco to launch its TrueView offering for action based ads, video advertising was always going to be a hot topic at the conference. Video ad lengths were a particular discussion point, with research from YuMe revealing the relative impact of different length ads – reinforcing the view that short ads can be effective. This theme will remain in the limelight as advertisers catch on to consumers’ reduced attention spans and realise they need to deliver ‘snackable’ video ads that are just long enough to deliver their message without being too heavy for the content they accompany, or the device on which they are served.

Walled gardens limit choice and visibility

OpenX took part in a panel discussion entitled, The Battle Field: Walled Garden versus Open Grounds?, where the audience was asked whether walled gardens are threatening the advertising industry. The majority of the audience (59%) responded that yes, walled gardens are limiting the overall visibility of the customer journey. This debate over walled gardens and open platforms will continue, with those opposed to walled gardens feeling they limit choice, grow to become monopolies, and prevent advertisers getting a true view of their customer – while those in favour of walled gardens claim they prioritise data protection and user privacy.

Marketplace quality is still a concern

Marketplace quality was an on-going discussion point at the conference, particularly regarding the impact of fraud. Scott Knoll from Integral Ad Science explained how fraud is following advertising budgets into mobile, and emphasised the necessity of using the latest tools to combat fraud – combining impression-by-impression analysis to uncover individual instances, with wider Big Data analysis to catch larger groups of fraudsters. With OpenX research showing perceived levels of fraud and viewability remain well above the levels marketers will tolerate, this discussion is likely to continue as far as next year’s dmexco conference and beyond.  

As Europe’s biggest digital marketing conference and exhibition dmexco is always a highlight of the year, providing endless industry talking points. Echoes of this year’s discussions will be heard across the industry throughout the coming months.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us at dmexco. If you have any questions please contact us. In the meantime, view our photo album to see the moments we captured from the event!

Best wishes,
The OpenX Team