October 24, 2016

Header Bidding for Apps: The Next Step in Mobile Monetisation

A recent study on smartphone use has confirmed what we already know – consumers spend the vast majority of their time on apps, not on mobile web. Marketers are beginning to realise the value of in-app advertising – not just to access large audiences, but also to effectively reach consumers with timely, relevant messages.

However, scaling in-app advertising can be problematic for publishers – often resulting in low fill rates and wasted impressions – so how can they reach optimal monetisation?

It’s time to abandon the waterfall and embrace the power of header bidding. This tool exposes each impression to maximum demand, ultimately boosting revenues, enhancing transparency, and reducing wasted opportunities.

In this article published by Mobile Marketing Magazine, Mike Nicholson, Director of Mobile Business Development, EMEA, at OpenX explains how publishers can benefit from in-app header bidding.

Happy reading!
The OpenX Team