- OpenX at Advertising Week NYC 2018

Advertising Week
NYC 2018

October 1 – 4, 2018

New York, New York

- OpenX at Advertising Week NYC 2018

The Advertising Week Trust Series

From combatting ad fraud, counterfeiting and unsafe brand environments to ensuring clear fee arrangements and quality throughout the supply chain, the Trust Series will provide a framework for building trust in digital advertising.

See OpenX on Stage

OpenX executives will be joined on stage by other industry insiders to discuss the key issues impacting trust in advertising today.

October 1, 2018

11:30 AM

The CMO Perspective on Trust, Quality and Brand Safety in Digital Advertising

The CMO position is easily one of the most scrutinized roles in the c-suite. Often tasked with building a memorable brand, managing the company’s reputation and deploying marketing strategies that tie back to measurable success, CMOs have a lot of responsibility. And now, they’re being called on to become programmatic experts in an increasingly digital world. Moderated by OpenX CEO, Tim Cadogan, leading CMOs will discuss how they finding success in the current digital media landscape.

Meredith Verdone
CMO, Bank of America
Jessica Rodriguez
CMO, Univision
Raja Rajamannar
CMO, Mastercard

October 2, 2018

11:30 AM

The Ad Purge: How Stringent Quality Standards and Technology Are Terminating Bad Ads

Uniform, clear and reliable quality standards have emerged in digital advertising to guide every player in identifying partners worthy of investment and trust. These standards have created a solid line of distinction between partners committed to putting long term quality, safety and value investments above short terms concerns, and the rest of the crowd.

Jason Fairchild
Co-Founder, OpenX
Erica Schmidt
Global CEO, Cadreon
Jana Meron
SVP of programmatic, Business Insider
2:30 PM

Paddling Upstream: Charting the Course to Success in Automating OTT Ads

While the automation of advertising via OTT and CTV may still be in the early stages, these two viewing channels hold the potential to revolutionize the way the ad industry thinks about TV ad budgets. Consumers’ growing preference for flexible viewing models has led to a significant move away from traditional TV programming, and will ultimately resulting in a massive shift in how brands think about spending their advertising dollars.

Jason Fairchild
Co-Founder, OpenX
Jason White
SVP & GM, Global Programmatic Revenue, CBSi
Jodie McAfee
SVP of Sales and Marketing, Inscape at Vizio

October 3, 2018

3:00 PM

REWARD ME! Opt-In Video and the Future of Rewarded Consumer Engagement

Game developers have been the unexpected trailblazers in mobile in-app advertising and today many widely adopted monetization techniques are a result of both their creativity in developing new ad formats and willingness to embrace innovative formats introduced to them. At the same time, traditional publishers and media companies intent on expanding their digital footprint have tried to apply their programmatic advertising strategies to their apps, with mixed results. Moderated by AdExchanger’s Allison Schiff, this session will discuss innovative mobile-first strategies that can help brands deliver better consumer engagement.

Maggie Mesa
Head of Mobile, OpenX
Brian Gilbert
Sr. Director Platform and Programmatic Operations, Pandora
Lewis Rothkopf
GM of Media and Growth Channels, MediaMath
6:00 – 9:00 PM

OpenX OXtoberfest Party

We’ve taken over Houston Hall to bring you an Oktoberfest party, OpenX-style.

Adweek Invite 800x700 v3 - OpenX at Advertising Week NYC 2018

OpenX OXtoberfest

Join us for Bier, brats and Bavarian cheer as we celebrate OXtoberfest and Advertising Week.

We’ve taken over Houston Hall to bring you an Oktoberfest party, OpenX-style.

This event is invite only. Please reach out to your OpenX representative for more details.