- 2017 OpenX Advertising Week

OpenX at Advertising Week NY

September 25 – September 29, 2017

New York, New York

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OpenX at Advertising Week 2017

For one week in New York, the brightest minds in marketing, advertising, and technology join together to share their visions, learnings and expertise.
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Who Will Survive The ‘Winter’ of Adtech Consolidation?

During the first 3 months of 2017, adtech/martech merger and acquisition deals reached record levels — reaching 115. Although all this activity has been described by some as the “Ad Tech Armageddon,” industry experts see a much rosier future for this space. Watch experts from major ad tech and media companies that have lived through mergers, acquisitions and IPOs in the ever-shifting landscape of digital media and advertising as they tackle whether ‘Winter is coming’ for adtech.

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Hacking Programmatic: Technical Tips for Improving Yield and Performance Today

Programmatic can simplify ad operations and yield management but to get the maximum benefits, publishers need to employ a little wizardry. Our panel of programmatic pros shares tales from the programmatic trenches on problems from ad tech configuration woes to site performance road bumps. The actionable takeaways from this session will help you improve your programmatic set up within days.

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The Next Era of Programmatic

Programmatic has fundamentally changed the face of advertising. Today, most online ads are traded programmatically and digital firms, media companies, and agencies are exploring how expand the benefits of the technology to sell traditional media in a similar way. This session sheds light on what opportunities are just around the corner, the challenges that the industry has to address and, ultimately, what the next era of programmatic will look like.

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Why Your App Strategy Matters: Developing Mobile App Standards for the Next Generation of Adtech

In 2016 mobile ads accounted for more than 50 percent of the total digital ad spend for the first time – that spend will continue to increase in the next five years. This panel will discuss current challenges in mobile, how to create quality advertising experiences in-app, and why developing better mobile standards now is an important step for delivering effective advertising for the next generation of mobile technology.

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Radically Transparent: It’s time for Adtech to get serious about transparency

The Wall Street Journal’s Lara O’Reilly moderates a no holds-barred conversation with some of the industry’s biggest names discussing the importance of transparency to the future of programmatic advertising. Whether discussing fraud, brand reputation, data, the adtech “tax” or other unknown fees extracting value from the ecosystem, transparency has become the hottest topic with brands and agencies in adtech today. Nothing will be held back during this honest and frank discussion on the future of advertising in a transparent world.

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OpenX ‘Rock the Yacht’ Party

See highlights below from our OpenX ‘Rock the Yacht’ Party at Advertising Week 2017!

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Ad Tech at Advertising Week: The (Un)Official Guide

Take a look back at our guide to getting the most out of your Advertising Week experience. It includes official and unofficial events, highlighting the absolute ‘not to be missed’ happenings of the week! To get your free copy of the (un)official Guide to Ad Tech at Advertising Week, click the button below.

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