OpenX + Turn Private Marketplaces


Through OpenX PMP, Turn works with partners to segment and curate supply into premium inventory as defined by their buyers.

OpenX helps Turn identify segments of supply related to specific success metrics, including high viewability. OpenX surfaces premium inventory, and has a team in market focused on brands and agencies to surface additional opportunities that aligned with KPIs.

As one of Turn’s cleanest supply partners, OpenX brought inventory quality and scale, contributing to a healthy ecosystem and safe buying environment for Turn and its buyers.

Turn Private Marketplaces

How Turn and OpenX curate premium inventory for buyers.

How Turn and OpenX curate premium inventory for buyers.

Turn is a demand side platform where advertisers can centralize, act on, and understand their data in an omnichannel environment. Turn provides the tech to give buyers real-time, event-level user data to make great buying decisions.

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