- SDX Programmatic Workshop Overview

2016 11 18 hero - SDX Programmatic Workshop Overview


November 18, 2016

SDX Programmatic Workshop Overview

We were recently part of a panel discussion on programmatic hosted by the San Diego Ad Club (SDX).  Programmatic enthusiasts and inquisitors converged at Moniker, a converted warehouse located in the heart of San Diego’s East Village, where more than 60 advertising and agency professionals got to hear from SDX panelists JJ Bannasch, President and co-founder of local agency trading desk Katana, Lorenzo Moreno GM of the Southwest Region of The Trade Desk, and OpenX’s own Nicole Scaglione, Director of Buyer Development at OpenX.

The discussion focused on a high level overview of programmatic buying crafted for audiences of all knowledge levels. Panelists provided their perspective (agency trading desk, programmatic buying platform and RTB-enabled exchange) on how to become a successful programmatic practitioner.

From there, the conversation quickly evolved to advanced programmatic executions such as the benefits for both buyers and publishers of enabling and accessing header tag inventory, to custom-curated private marketplaces. This was followed by a breakout session and Q&A led by representatives from Katana, The Trade Desk and OpenX.

With programmatic often viewed as super complex, the SDX programmatic workshop helped demystify the complexities of trading for agencies just starting their programmatic trading teams and brands looking for guidance on how to take advantage of the promise of RTB.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from these digital thought leaders in San Diego! Until then, check back on our blog next week when we kick off our series on programmatic from the agency perspective!