March 20, 2017

Reclaim your real estate: How publishers can kick third-party tags to the curb

Tags, the bits of code that allow publishers and their partners to gather data, are helpful for publishers and their partners who want to know who is visiting their sites. But the overuse of tags can be detrimental to sites in the form of latency, data leakage, compliance issues, and even malware.

Joseph Galarneau, CEO of Mezzobit, and one of our partners, discusses that over the past two years, an analysis of over 100,000 media websites revealed a 30% increase in third-party tags on publishers’ pages. Proper tag management is more important than ever in the current landscape where the average page now has 101 tags from 14 different vendors.

Joe attributes some of the causes behind the explosive increase in tags to inefficiencies, including poor header bidding implementations and overlooked broken page elements. Read the full article in Digiday to learn how these problems can be avoided and remedied.